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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a "rental day"?+

A "rental day" is 24 hours in most cases, although a "rental day" can be longer or shorter on weekends or holidays.

How long is a "rental day" on a holiday?+

If the holiday falls on a Monday, pick up the item on Sunday and return the item early Tuesday morning and the charge will be a 1 day charge, with an 8 hour running-time limit on metered equipment. Meter time over 8 hours will be pro-rated at 1/8 of the daily rate per hour.

Is it possible to reserve equipment?+

Yes, inquiries may be made online or by phone if you know specifics, such as choice of equipment, pick up date and return date.

Do you deliver the equipment or must I pick it up?+

Your choice! Delivery fees are calculated according to mileage, or you may opt to save the fee and pick up yourself.

Can a reservation be placed over the phone?+

Yes, we can take your order over the phone. This can be accomplished by charging your order to a credit card over the phone, in person at our location or by mail. The rental and deposit can be paid by check, cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Only companies with an established credit account may be invoiced on a rental contract.

Do you set up table and chairs?+

The rental rates do not include set-up or take-down. After your event, tables and chairs should be knocked down and stacked, ready for pick up. Set-up and take-down is available for an additional labor fee if arranged prior to delivery.

Do I have to wash the equipment before pick up?+

All dinnerware, glassware and flatware must be rinsed free of food and repackaged in their delivery containers. Linens should be free of food and debris and dried to prevent staining and mildew. Food service equipment must also be free of food and reasonably clean. Additional charges will be applied if items do not meet these conditions.

How soon do I have to place my order?+

The sooner the better. For tents and large scale events you should be thinking one or two months in advance or even earlier if you can. For small orders, usually a week or two is sufficient.